Hungry stomach never understands the time that it takes to cook your food. While you are waiting for your meal to get prepared, your stomach will be there to scream for food. But for that you will need something instant. And speaking of instant, there is a brand of this name that provides their appliance to do the job just like the name. So if you want something that will cook your food quickly, then you can take this Instant Pot Duo Mini into consideration. Besides its 7 in 1 function, there is a lot of thing that this wonderful pot does. So to enlighten you about this guy, here is the Instant Pot Duo Mini Review.

Instant Pot Duo Mini Review

Instant Pot Duo Mini Review 


Multi-functional functions:

Instant pot duo mini comes with seven in one traits which means you will be able to try seven different methods of cooking with just one appliance. Use it as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, or use it as a steamer, sauté, yogurt maker or warmer, this guy will let you do almost all the stuff you want to do. So, cooking your food will no more be any trouble. Other than these, you will also get 24 hour delay start and audible on and off buttons with the appliance. Not only that, there are also three temperature settings ranging from Less to Normal to More in Sauté so that you can use it to sear, simmer and thicken your food. In addition with this Instant Pot Duo Mini Review, you can use the same for Slow cook method as well.

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Although Instant pot duo mini has three different capacities available for you but if you are a small family guy then the 3 quartz one definitely deserves to be with you. This 3 quarts pot will be able to cook all those tasty dishes for about two to three member family. Even if you want, you can take the pot out for camping with your family. However, as for the amount of food, this Instant pot duo mini will cook up to 12 cups of already cooked rice while it will cook up to 6 cups of uncooked rice. But you have to make sure you use rice measuring cup that comes with this great guy.



Technology tells a lot about the performance of the product before you buy them. As for Instant pot duo mini, it has used the third generation technology which means the pot has built in microprocessor monitoring pressure, built in duration so that it can prepare tasty and healthy foods, built in temperature, built in heat intensity adjustability and built in timer.



Instant pot duo mini comes in stainless steel material if you have a look at the interior part of the appliance. So, as for its appearance, you will find it all shiny even after using and cleaning the entire pot. Besides, it also consists of finger print resistance feature that means it will not stick any mark of your hand to it if you touch the pot. However, the pot features lid holder that both the left and right handed people will be able to use. And you will also get a cord that you will find easily removable. Moreover, you will also find it quite safe as the manufacturer has made it UL and ULC certified. To add more, the pot has been designed in such that it did not need any chemical coating that could be harmful for you. Besides, you will also find it safe for dishwashing with its 3-ply bottom.

The good sides:

  • You can utilize seven different styles of cooking in just one appliance.
  • Stainless steel makes sure you cook any sort of dishes.
  • Finger print resistant will not hold any print your finger.
  • The cord is removable.
  • Ideal for smaller family.
  • Takes less time to cook food.
  • You will find it quieter than most of the pots.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Display does most of the job.
  • Cooks everything evenly and properly.


The bad sides:

  • Might take some space in your kitchen if the area is small.
  • You might find it hard to clean at the steam ventilation part.
  • Extra parts are sold separately.
  • The cord is a bit short in size.
  • You might find the steam release valve pretty flimsy.
  • It might feel a little heavy and bulky to carry.
  • Not ideal for nonstick cooker lover.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to cook rice with this pot?

A: The ratio of rice to the water is basically variable so it’s reliant on various elements: First, the variety of rice: Black rice, Basmati rice, Japanese rice and so on. Second, the ratio changes with the age and source of the rice. Third, the ratio requires to be adjusted depending on the moist and dry cooked rice. Fourth, method of cooking. And fifth, the additional ingredients like vegetable or condiments. So, it is important to look at the factors before you go for cooking rice. For more understanding, read this Instant Pot Duo Mini Review again.


Q: What is self-sealing?

A: The Instant Pot Duo Mini seals itself automatically while it is cooking food inside. You will find a rubber seal on the lid that does the job. With the self-sealing, it tends to seal the flavors of the food in under a high temperature and also avoid the lid to get popped and opened while cooking.


Q: How to clean lid?

A: At first you will be needing to remove the rubber seal and the pressure valve, and then wash the lid in warm soapy water. You can use a soft dish brush with the water for cleaning the lid. After that, you will be required to rinse the valve so that you can seal the pot to create pressure properly.


Wrap up

The best thing about this Instant pot duo mini is that you can try out seven different cooking methods in this sole appliance. So, there is a big chance of freeing many of the spaces from your kitchen since it is super multi-functional. So, if you think it is eligible enough to be bought, you should not be late having it after reading this Instant Pot Duo Mini Review.

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