Clay is such a factor that helps a lot in making your food more flavorful. And if you get to utilize this factor in any of the slow cookers then it will act like a cherry on the top. So if you are someone who is looking for Best Slow Cooker that will cook rice in clay pot then there is one to think about. And it’s the High-Fired 2 in 1 slow cooker from VitaClay. So, let’s start the High-Fired VitaClay 2-in-1 Rice N Slow Cooker Review:

Best Slow Cooker

Features Of High-Fired VitaClay Slow Cooker

Clay Cooking pot:

The reason for which you can call it the best slow cooker is its nature for being a clay cooking pot. Clay cooking helps a lot in keeping the flavor intact while cooking the food for you. And in this model, you will love its all-natural clay pot that makes the delicious dishes. Besides, the product has natural nonstick surface that you will find absolutely unglazed. It means, there is no chance that aluminium or any kind of chemical will dare to even contact with your food. So, if you want something that will cook a healthy food for you, you can get this for yourself.

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Wondering how will you get the best slow cooker? Well, why don’t you try out this guy from VitaClay? The reason why I’m calling it the best is because it comes in all programmable nature. This is basically a 6-cup cooker that used computerized clay heating technology. You will find 4 pre-programmed settings that work like a breeze. The settings are : Stew, Soup, Rice and Brown rice.


Double lid:

Another reason to call it the best slow cooker is its double lid design. This VitaClay slow cooker comes with double lids which means the steam will be trapped inside throughout the cooking process. Moreover, even if you do not keep it on the warm function, it will still help the rice in keeping warm for a long time. Its double lid design produces such micro-pressure that does a wonderful job with its 50 percent energy efficiency. So, there is no way to not like this slow cooker.

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Dimension and Power:

Like I said, this High-Fired VitaClay is a 6-cup slow cooker so the dimensions of this product will be 10-3/5 inches by 10-1/5 inches by 9-3/5 inches. As for the clay pot, the dimensions stand with 7 inches at the top beneath the lip of lid that is about 21.5 inches round, 5 inches on the bottom that is about 18.5 inches round and 4 inches from bottom to top beneath the lip of lid. However, the slow cooker features power rating of the 500 to 500 watts with 120VAC/60Hz.

Thumbs up for:
  • Clay cooking pot cooks great meal.
  • Double lid helps in trapping the steam intact inside that helps more in cooking rice greatly.
  • It is able to cook rice perfectly with equal distribution of heat.
  • The pot looks great.
  • The ceramic material of the cooker is durable.
  • You will be able to make stews and other great dishes with it.
  • The modern touch feature does most of the job, so you will just need to use buttons and settings to make it work.
  • The surface is nonstick. So it is easy to clean it.

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Thumbs down for:
  • It is definitely not dishwasher safe.
  • It is better not to use dish soap for cleaning the cooker. You will need normal hand wash for it.
  • Removing the lid is pretty a tough job.
  • It is a bit pricier than many of the slow cookers.
  • It takes longer time in cooking the food.
  • The clay is definitely not durable as it might get cracked while using.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the temperature of this model in low setting?

A: The High-fried VitaClay comes with three temperature settings which are, low, high and yogurt. As for the low setting, the yogurt one appears to maintain a temperature of about 110 degrees to 115 degrees. But there is no way that it can get a specific temperature to maintain.


Q: Can you boil water with this cooker?

A: This high fried cooker is indeed able to boil briefly on either the soup or stew settings. The soup setting usually boils more slowly than the later setting. So you will need to fill the pot simply and set it in stew setting for faster result and close it up in order to boil water. It will boil in about half an hour.


Q: Is the product washable?

A; The clay bowl and the lid are washable. As for the black lid, it is definitely not washable.


Q: Where is it made?

A: It is made in China.

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High-Fired VitaClay is a 2 in 1 slow cooker that you can cook rice with a lot of flavor. Other than the rice, you can also try out different dishes with this amazing appliance. Although being a slow cooker, it will take time to cook your food but if you minus that con, you will find it the best slow cooker for yourself, your food and your kitchen.

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