Hamilton Beach has always been one of the kings of the kitchen empire. So whenever you will need to buy any stuff for your kitchen, there is a chance you will be peeping at their products to consider. However, as many of the slow cookers are coming in similar traits, you will find Hamilton Beach 33473 slow cooker is different from the brand. And to know what kind of special features it is offering, you will need to go through this review that will highlight all about the cooker.

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Features of Hamilton Beach 33473 Slow Cooker

Control type:

Digital controls are quite popular when it comes to the slow cooker feature, but what if the appliance has a complete programmable option? Exactly, the Hamilton beach 33473 slow cooker owns this feature. It comes in fully programmable controls on account of its unique configurations. The cooker comes with built in touch buttons for 3 different settings where one is for temperature that ranges from low to high and warm mode, one is for on and off and one is for timer that lets you set time from 2 hour to 10 hours for cooking. Another advantage of this programmable cooker is that it features a list of digits of hours it will be able to cook that comes with indicator light for helping you pick one. And it is not even tough to use it. All you will be doing is to press the buttons to set the time for slow cooking till the indicator lights does not get turned on for your preset number of hours and then you are all set.

Hamilton Beach 33473
Easy To Use

Heat element type:

Usually slow cookers come with typical design having a heat element on the bottom of the unit. But as for Hamilton beach 33473 slow cooker, the manufacturer has thought something different. And that is, its wraparound heating element that comes with the unit. It helps guarantee you to give an evenly distributed heat all over the food so that you do not have to worry about the food getting burnt and spoiling them. In addition, this appliance appears to cook with extra heating elements as well. And those elements promises to cook each of the portions thoroughly and properly. 


Capacity is definitely one of the most important factors of cooking appliances. Because this is something that determines the amount of food that you can serve people. However, the Hamilton beach 33473 slow cooker comes with a capacity of 7 quartz which is way huge enough to serve a big fat family. The cooker is able to prepare meal for about 8 persons so you will no more have to worry if you have a joint family. Moreover, this cooker also features plenty of space to whip up amazing dish. It comes in stoneware material so you can utilize it as a serving dish as well because of its simple and elegant look.

Lid function:

The Hamilton beach 33473 slow cooker comes with glass lid that is transparent enough to let you see-through the glass to check your food. The lid is tightly fitted that guarantees the flavor of food to be trapped inside the appliance.

Thumbs up for:

  • It will require low maintenance since it does not own rubber seal.
  • Shifts to keep warm mode automatically after it is done cooking.
  • You can travel it with a Caddy Insulator Bag that is sold separately.
  • You will find it ideal for 8 people.
  • It is quite lightweight than many of the cookers.
  • Lid seals tight enough to trap the flavor of your food.
  • You will find it easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

Thumbs down for:

  • The material might get dinged.
  • You will be able to set the time in two-hour increment only.
  • Handles might feel flimsy.
  • The length of the cord is disappointing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the material of the slow cooker? And how would you clean it?

A: The interior part of the slow cooker is ceramic stoneware and the exterior part which the heating unit is aluminum. It is slightly non-stick though it does not have any non-stick coating. As for cleaning the slow cooker, you will need to put water inside the cooker and let it set for some time. After that, rinse with a dish soap that will help clean the appliance more easily.

Q: Does the temperature switch to warm mode automatically?

A: Yes, the temperature switches to warm mode automatically after it is done with cooking.

Q: Does it come with removable cord?

A: No, the Hamilton beach 33473 slow cooker does not come with a removable cord.


Hamilton Beach provides such products that are not only easy on the expenses but also easy on utilization. And Hamilton Beach 33473 slow cooker owns those features. Looking at the performance and size of the product, you will find it great to add to your kitchen space without any trouble.

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