The Cuisinart Multi Cooker is an amazing kitchen appliance for those who want to upgrade their skills in cooking or fade-up with using a typical type of manual slow cookers to simplify their lifestyle and wants some extraordinary features within the affordable pocket. You may have some basic cooking experience but to shorten your kitchen time, you may require adopting some groundbreaking program to make easy meals; like you want a combination of browning, searing, sauteing or steaming in the same cookware or without using different pots or fry-pan but in slow cooking technology. Cuisinart is a reputed brand and they have involved in cooking business around since 1973 and with every launch, they add new innovative ideas or features that their products are authoritative to many top rated and well-known cooking strategist.

If you want delicious and tasty slow-cooked meals like vegetables, chicken or pork meat, Cuisinart MSC 600 3-in-1 cooker will satisfy with its extraordinary features and resourceful controlling system. This electrical cooker is quicker and easier than other slow cooker brands which require lots of preplanned works before preparing any single dish. Before this product, many may think of avoiding slow cooking technology due to its haphazard controlling system. But this multipurpose slow cooker succeeds to reduce the fear of cooking slowly. It can handle verity of cooking tasks to save enormous time and make your life more convenience.

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The Cuisinart MSC-600 is a top choice brand of manufacturers. This 3-in-1 6-quart slow cooker is versatile to meet all your desire cooking need. The 6-quart cooker can cook brown and sauté, steam and slow cook same time. With this functionality, you can make almost all your favorite dishes. So, read Cuisinart MSC 600 Reviews to learn more about this cooker.

Cuisinart MSC 600 Reviews
Cuisinart MSC 600 Reviews

Slow cook mode:

When you require slow seaming or need to cook food in hot water just below 100°C or may need a long time to prepare any kind of soups or stocks, stews, and dried beans, this cooker will make food perfectly with ‘slow cooking’ mode. With three temperature settings as High, Low, and Simmer you can prepare your favorite recipe which requires longer time. In such condition, set ‘Simmer and Low settings’ option to get better results.

If you need to make a dish for next or later in the day (!) you have to use ‘High setting’ button which enables you to enjoy the features of 24-hour timer along with auto Keep Warm mode which will take the responsibilities to present the dish in front of you when you are ready to eat. Eventually, when you are about to prepare shoulder and pot roast, this function will be a great reliever.

Steaming Mode:

When your target is to get a low-fat meal but without compromising nutritious facts, this functions works like a magic. By this process, you can get best healthy and hygienic food. Interestingly you can cook without adding butter or oil which is the risk factor for healthy living. After inserting the steaming rack with two quarts of water, you can prepare any meals containing vegetable stocks or lobster. Put all ingredients in the interior pot, cover the gasket lid and select the function to make the recipe to impress your beloved one. After finishing the cooking time, open the hatch to taste the meal with the spoon.

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Brown/Sauté mode:

Another unique function of this Cuisinart MSC-600 is the ‘Brown/Sauté’ mode. This function allows you to use the pot like a small kettle or skillet or sauté pan or frying pan just over the stove to brown different kinds of foods like poultry or pork meat. This process delivers you the healthy meal by removing excess fat and gives the meal a brown color crust. Just remove the surface moisture of the meat and put it to become brown flavor. By this method, you also can reheat your Hamburger or other food as well. Set 350 degrees Fahrenheit to get perfect flavor and color.

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Other strengths:

Multi-purpose Cuisinart MSC-600 is a complete kitchen appliance which can reduce your hassle of preparing foods. The touch control pads are easy to operate and you can call any combination just by the touch of a finger.

The wider Liquid Crystal Display allows keeping an eye even from the distance. The blue backlit reduces the stress of your eyes in reading time and temperature settings.

  • The inner pot is made of nonstick aluminum Teflon coating which is a premium metal in this industry.
  • The handlebars are heat resistance and you are safe from burning your hand while touching
  • To look after the cooking process this 6-quart slow cooker facilitate with clear Glass Lid
  • Steaming rack and all other removable parts are washable with soapy or detergent hot water.
  • Most easy browning features

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Final Thought:

It’s basically a complete robot chef in your kitchen and you just need to put your favorite recipes and put on the correct functions. The device itself will take care the rest. This Cuisinart MSC 600 has met all promises of manufacturers and an ideal replacement for other extra kitchen utensils. It surely reduces your place occupancy in the kitchen. You can think again after reading Cuisinart MSC 600 Reviews and buy the best slow cooker for your kitchen.

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