One cannot simply deny what the power of pot can do for us. And if you are a food lover then it is needless to say about its greatest sides. While many of you still are struggling with disappointing cookers, there are many that have got all the satisfaction with this cooker. Exactly, this write will talk about MSC-400 from Cuisinart so that you can get to know all the features that come with it. And as Cuisinart MSC 400 Review will highlight them, it will be no longer difficult to buy an ideal cooker for your kitchen.


Cuisinart MSC 400 reviewCuisinart MSC 400 Review

Three in One Design:

The 4-Quart cooker has used aluminium as its material to build itself up and it is absolutely nonstick. It comes with handles so that you can hold it with ease avoiding the hot surface of the cooker’s exterior layer. Although the plastic material of the handles does some help in preventing burning your hand, but they might feel cheap. Moreover, many of the users faced trouble stating that the handles come out loose.

However, the cooker features glass lid as well which works as trapping the heat inside so that your food can get cooked properly. So you can say that the lid fits perfectly to do its job. But the only thing that could make it a better cooker is the addition of a rubber sealed lid for transporting the cooker. Otherwise, the cooker does its job so brilliantly that many users are talking about it in their Cuisinart MSC 400 Review.

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LED Display:

Cuisinart MSC-400 appears to own blue backlit LED display that they have stated to be ‘Extra-large’ enough to keep track easily. However, the display features both temperature and time settings that you will basically use for your cooking. The time can be set in both minutes and hours depending on the food you would like to cook. And as for the temperature, you can set it up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Both the time and temperature setup will be displayed side by side. There is a start and stop button as well. On the top of everything, this cooker has three-in-one cooking functions. For which you will get the benefit of Slow cooking, steaming and sautéing functions in just one appliance.


Steaming rack:

Another reason to come up with Cuisinart MSC 400 Review is that you will get a steaming rack with the item. It has both the positive and negative traits that I think it’s needed to be highlighted. However, the good side is that it does a great job for steaming food and deserts but when it comes to its durability it loses your trust. Many users have pointed it out to be flimsy for which you can get disappointed. Besides, it also might erase some pot finish while using the rack.


Thumbs up for:

  • Able to cook the food properly.
  • The lid fits perfectly to trap the heat.
  • LED display is backlit and easy to use.
  • Comes with timing and temperature functions.
  • Features 3 different cooking method functions: Slow cooking, steaming and sautéing.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe.
  • You will get a steamer rack for steaming.
  • Comes with handles to hold the pot.
  • The display is large enough to keep track easily.
  • You will get a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The cooker feels very light to carry.


Thumbs down for:

  • The display is not easy to read from the above.
  • The handles tend to come out loose.
  • The handles come in plastic so you might feel cheap.
  • The steamer rack might not be durable.
  • The rack tends to put some scratches on the pot finish.
  • You might find it pretty bulky.
  • The printed lettering might wear off the buttons.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to cook rice in a smaller amount?

A: No, it is better if you don’t cook rice in smaller amount. The Cuisinart MSC 400 is a 4-quart cooker and you will get it in the manual that says to keep it at least one-third full to cook any kind of food.


Q: What are the ranges of the temperature in Cuisinart MSC 400?

A: As for the Brown and Sauté function, the temperature is 350 degrees but ranges from 150 degrees to 400 degrees. As for the Slow cook function, the highest temperature is 212 degrees while the lowest is 200 degrees with 165 degrees warm and 185 degrees simmer. Once you turn on the cooker, you can switch between the functions and ranges of temperature to cook your food.


Q: Is the nonstick surface durable?

A: Yes, you will find the nonstick surface very durable till you use proper tools for it. You will need to remember that since the surface is nonstick, you will need to use utensils that come in non-metal since such material can destroy the surface. Also, you will need to be careful while washing the surface as well.

Q: Where is it made in and how long is the cord?

A: It is made in China and the cord is about 44 inches long.

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Wrap up:

Some of the negatives sides of the cooker might disappoint you to get this for yourself but as the good sides outweigh the bad so it will actually be a great stuff to have. This cooker owns three different cooking functions that do their job great and you can utilize each of them for your cooking. So if you are a food lover, then I don’t think you will need to think more about buying it after this Cuisinart MSC 400 Review.

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