If you are wondering to get a slow cooker just because your old one has given up serving you all those amazing foods, then this is the right place you got into. A slow cooker might have this time-consuming nature, but the outcome indeed makes you forget that. So, if you think you will be needing a brand new slow cooker, you can try out this Crock-Pot SCV700SS. Not only did it get a lot of great slow cooker reviews but earned love from the user as well.

Crock-Pot SCV700SS Features:

Crock-Pot SCV700SSExterior/Interior:

The Crock-Pot SCV700SS looks polished silver and have been made up of stainless steel when it comes to the exterior part. The accents are black and the handles are plastic. Besides, it comes with 7 quartz capacity which means you will be able to serve about 8 people with it. So you can call it a great piece to have for a big sized family.

Moreover, its interior oval crock pot has been made up of stoneware that you can use it as a dish for serving your family and guests as well. So appearance-wise, the Crock-Pot SCV700SS get a big thumbs up for its simple and elegant look. Not only that, it also tends to enhance the look of your countertop if you place the pot on it and it will not take that much space.

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As for the settings, you will find it the easiest part of the job. The Crock-Pot SCV700SS comes with three heat settings that will be manual. So it is going to let you cook on both the high and low temperature. You can also use keep warm settings for keeping your food in ideal serving temperature. You will find a dial that you will need to turn from ‘off’ to any of the three modes for cooking your desired meal.


Many of the slow cooker reviews have been found that one of the toughest jobs is to get a cooker that will be free of hassle to clean it. As for this model, you will find it different. This Crockpot is easy to clean. But you will need to unplug the system and let the pot cool down after cooking. Once it gets cooled down, the lid and the stoneware become ready to be cleaned in the dishwasher with both soapy and hot water.

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Steps to do:

Another reason for which it got a lot of slow cooker reviews is its ease of use nature. All you will need is to follow this three basic steps to utilize this amazing cooker. Firstly, you will be needing to place the oval stoneware dish on the heating base, then you will put your ingredients and cover the food with the lid. Secondly, you will need to plug in the appliance and pick your temperature setting that will cook your food. Lastly, once the time for cooking gets accomplished, you can take it out of the heating base and serve your family to enjoy its delightful dish.

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  • The capacity is extra-large enough to serve a big sized family or guests.
  • You will find it easy and simple to use.
  • The settings can be used with just turning a dial that does most of the job.
  • The liner of the stoneware is removable so that you can take out and serve as a separate dish.
  • You can also clean the stoneware with ease after taking out from the appliance.
  • The stainless steam is a wise material to choose for slow cooker.


  • Stainless steel material makes the appliance get super-hot.
  • You might find the glass lid’s diameter a little bit smaller than optimal for covering the rim of the crock pot,
  • Does not come with on switch.
  • Might burn some of your foods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the cooking temperatures when setting in high or low modes?

A: Both the low and high modes will reach a max temperature of about 215 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they will be cycling differently. As for instance, in the low setting, it will cycle off of the temperature more continually. Hence, the high mode will warm the food in a shorter time than the low mode.

As for the warm setting, the mode ranges from 165 degrees to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. But you will need to keep one thing in mind that these are all approximate temperatures so they will vary on the dish you will be cooking.

Q: Can you use it in China?

A: It is recommended to not use the appliance in China. Crock-Pot basically sell all of their products in the US and Canada and those products are manufactured and UL approved for 110 to 120 voltage. So, utilizing them in different regions might damage the product for the voltage difference and it will also annul the warranty.

Q: Is the Crock-Pot SCV700SS dishwasher safe?

A: Yes the Crock-Pot SCV700SS is absolutely dishwasher safe. All you will need is warm or soapy water to clean them with ease.

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