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The slow cooker itself has made our life very easy for its cooking performance. To make it even more amazing now we have Wifi enabled slow cooker. Can you imagine, you can control your cooking even if you are not in your kitchen, moreover not in your house also. You can adjust different settings from your smartphone and can monitor your cooking. The product which has changed the whole cooking style is the Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Wifi Enabled Slow cooker which is the best Wifi slow cooker of the market. To have a proper knowledge about the product, below we have a detailed review on this. So, without further talking let’s get into the review.

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Crock-pot WeMo Smart Wifi Enabled Slow Cooker:

If you know what slow cooker is then you also know about this brands reputation. Crock-pot is always known for their good products, so when they launched their Wifi enabled slow cooker customers were excited. With no doubt, they met customer’s expectations with this product. With this WeMo application of this slow cooker, you can adjust temperature and cooking time. There are 3 different heat options, and all can be controlled by using Wifi. This is an incredible feature which makes sure that you don’t have to worry about your cooking and you can have peace of mind.

Apart from this amazing Wifi feature, the Crock-pot WeMo slow cooker has some other great features. Even in the first look, you won’t understand that it is different than the traditional slow cookers as it has almost all the same features.


This Crock-pot is an oval shaped container which comes with a silver metal exterior. The glossy silver look makes a classy appearance. It has a glass lid and black handles on both sides. Unlike the traditional Crock-pot slow cookers, it doesn’t have the soft touch buttons to control the modes. It has a clicky button which will allow you to move between high, low and warm cooking settings. It comes with a ceramic black removable inner pot which has a capacity of 6 quarts.

best wifi slow cookerThe App:

To make a connection between your smartphone and the cooker first you need to download the WeMo app. This app can be run both in Android and iOS. Once you have set up you can see the available options. This set up is required only for one time, you don’t need to do it every time. Even if you unplug your slow cooker it will be connected automatically next time.

The app will show you the time of how long your food is cooking and how long it will take to finish and the slow cooker’s current setting. Moreover, when your cooking is done, and it goes to the Warm setting, it gives a notification. So, you can now know when your cooking is finished.

One thing which is a little odd about the app is that you can only set your timer from the app. The slow cooker itself has the Warm, Low, High and on a button. But if you need to set the time you always have to use this WeMo app.

A Set Timer option will be shown on your screen where you can set the time from 15 minutes to a maximum of 23 hours. You can also set the temperature from the app. Once you have set everything and start cooking the app will let you know the exact time left to finish the cooking.

How Much Does This Slow Cooker Cost

Perfect for Family:

The Crock-Pot Wifi enabled slow cooker has a six-quart capacity which is perfect for a family. In this cooker, you can easily cook a six-pound roast and can serve it in big family programs. Even after placing the roast, it has enough room to put a lot of vegetables.

Locking Lid:

No matter, how quickly and easy a cooker can cook the main thing is that lid needs to be perfect. Why is that? Because if the lid is not built correctly or somehow leaks, then you can miss the real flavour of your dish. However, for this slow cooker, the lid is a solid hit. Even if your cooker tipped over, not a drop of your juicy meat is going to leak. The lid is fully secured, and all the flavours are going to be locked in the cooker for you.


  • Easy and quick set up process
  • Great construction
  • Best for a busy life
  • Great value
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Even in low temperature, it cooks in moderately high temperature
  • Expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can it be turned on and off remotely?

Yes, one can also turn on or off the slow cooker using the app.

  1. If there is connection miss does it give any alert?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t give any alert.

  1. Can it be used outside the home also?

Obviously. The cooker is connected with your home Wifi, but you can control it from anywhere from your smartphone.

  1. Is the linear is stainless or ceramic?

The liner is ceramic stoneware and it is removable.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, this Crock-pot slow cooker is going to be your favorite kitchen appliance. It is easy to set up and easy to operate. With this slow cooker, you don’t have to worry again whether your food is overcooked or undercooked. In this busy life, this slow cooker is going to be your best friend for sure.

Now, if we consider the price of the product we don’t think it deserves to be priced so high. Yes, we agree it has an advanced option, but apart from that is has all the same features as other traditional Croc-pot slow cookers have. Even in term of performance, there are some slow cookers which can cook much better than this. Therefore, we think this product is only suitable for those who really need this Wifi option. Otherwise, we think you can just purchase any traditional/manual Crock-pot slow cooker.

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